The grapped ass dizaster

What had happened was Cassandra I was having a laughat a bar.
All of a sudden, a man grabbed her ass.
She had her bag in her lap as she turned to give him a slap and call him a bastard.
The man then turned mad, pushed her back so Cassandra fell back.
Her back hit the bar and a gap or crack in the bar attached itself to the strap of Cassandras bra.
The strap then snapped.
A costly matter worsened by the fact that her bag containing her passport and cash had seemed to evaporate in the darkness of the bar.
A nearby man and woman began to attack “the bastard”verbally.
Normally I’m not one for cursory curse-words, but recall having had a half-and-half and shared a glass of JackDaniels. So I also acted in an aggressive fashion.
I recall calling him an asshole or a boorish animal, or in fact the asshole of a boorish animal.
The door attendant grabbed him, and dragged him to a back-alley, where they began to scrap.
None the less, none of this would have happened if he had relaxed, perhaps sat and chatted with her. Left it at that, perhaps they would have danced, perhaps they would have felt an attraction.
Fact of the matter none of this would have happened, had he acted as a normal human.


…How can you start then?

Once a friend and i, was looking to start a game of backgammon. After we both experienced the usual feeling. and had had the obligatory pre-game discussion of where the three-stack should be, we were ready to begin. Each with a dice in hand, a dice on the board, we were ready to roll.

Who should start? The bigger roll begins. I roll, a six. He rolls, a six. It’s not unusual.  We picked up our dice.

He rolls a Three then I roll, a three. Funny.
We roll together, two fours. Damn.

We take our  dies in hand. A look in the eyes.
Each having a dice in hand. Each a die on the board. He rolls a 1. I roll my die hits my other die on the board. Both rolls over, and I roll snake eyes…